[DECtalk] Competition deadline

Tony Baechler tony at baechler.net
Thu Dec 20 03:56:59 EST 2007


OK, here's my thought then. Let's adjust the deadline depending on how 
much interest there is. If I only get a few people who are interested 
and they seem to already have DEC-talk experience, we'll make the 
deadline the 15th of January. Otherwise, I'll make it the last day of 
January and make the judging deadline the 15th of February. This way new 
people aren't discouraged from entering but if they don't speak up, I'm 
not waiting an extra two weeks for nothing. If you think you might want 
to enter, please say so. A general idea of your skill level would be 
helpful just to set a fair cutoff date. If no one really says much, I'll 
assume minimal interest and the deadline will be the 15th.

I have no problem hosting files on a temporary basis but I don't wish to 
host the competition entries for ever. I know of at least two ftp 
archives and it would be helpful if one of them would host the final 
contest entries after the judging is over. I will host them initially so 
judges have a place to get them with fast download speeds. I don't mind 
hosting the final entries after judging is over, just not indefinitely. 
Note to authors: Even if your entry loses or comes in low, it won't be 
deleted. My idea is to have a big zip file with all entries in it for 
one easy download along with a web page and text file giving the winning 
entries based on the most number of votes. All authors will upload with 
ftp or email attach but downloads will be with http only unless an ftp 
archive wants to give me an uploading account. I find http to be easier 
and faster for most people anyway Also, people can give out one master 
web site to the public. It would be interesting if we get sighted, 
non-DEC-talk people interested in judging. I know there are many 
newsgroups and various sites out there. I don't know the exact site yet 
but it would probably be on goldenaudio.net. That again depends on how 
many entries there are..

Katie Madison wrote:
> Hi Toni,
> Coming from a dectalkist with great experience, I think January 15th is a 
> good entry deadline. The problem is, for those who are wanting to compete 
> but have little or no experience, the end of January should work.
> Katie

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