[DECtalk] A few questions

Jayson Smith ratguy at bellsouth.net
Sat Oct 1 23:25:10 EDT 2005

This list has gone completely dead lately.  I have a few questions.
1.  What ever happened to Red Dwarf?  Is it still being done, and we just
aren't hearing about it, or what?  I do have an FTP account set up and
available to anybody wishing to upload Red Dwarf files, and the files will
be automatically moved over to the Red Dwarf portion of the archive.  Let me
know if you are a Red Dwarf preparer/uploader and I'll provide the account
name and password.
2.  Way back several months ago, somebody I can't remember who said they
would be getting a copy of DECtalk 4.6.3 and could give it to us.  Did you
ever get it, or what's the deal there?  I looked recently and there's still
no demo available.  I really do want to know if they did restore the old,
pre-Force voices.

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